Baccalaureate Graduates Survey (BGS)

The Baccalaureate Graduates Survey (BGS) is conducted by BC Stats and has been designed to gather information on baccalaureate graduates' education satisfaction levels, education financing and student debt, as well as further education and employment outcomes. Until 2005, the project targeted only university graduates from the four provincial research universities, as well as Royal Roads University. Since 2005, the survey has expanded in scope to include baccalaureate graduates from twenty-two public degree-granting institutions in B.C., including research universities, teaching universities, colleges and institutes. The project interviews graduates two years after graduation:

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Baccalaureate Graduates Survey

Detailed results of the Surveys by CIP



British Columbia Higher Education Accountability Dataset (BC HEADset)

BC HEADset has been created to demonstrate accountability on the part of British Columbia's higher education institutions, and contains data for RUCBC members on key measures of public interest.

Measures include:

Fall Enrolment Headcount
Credential Awarded
Retention and Completion
International Students by Country of Citizenship
Faculty by Rank
Applicants, Admitted Students, Registered Students
Applicants, Admitted Students, Registered Students: 1st Choice
New Registrants: Location of High School
Annualized FTEs

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Data related to other Post-secondary institutions (colleges, institutes and special purpose teaching universities) in BC can be found in the Post-secondary Central Data Warehouse maintained by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

The link to the Data Warehouse is: